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Eye For Art Gallery specializes in South Asian Modern and Contemporary Art and since its inception, has sold more Pakistani modern masters than any other gallery worldwide. The gallery has held numerous exhibitions in Karachi and Dubai and looks forward to expanding its branches and promote appreciation of South Asian art in New York and the other major cities of USA.

Established as a leading gallery and having an unparalleled reputation in the sale of authentic paintings by Pakistani and Indian Masters, Eye For Art is also recognized as a trusted advisor to major collectors and sellers in the arena of art investment. The large inventory of the artworks includes acquisitions from private collectors, art Connoisseurs and from major art auction houses worldwide.

Eye For Art Gallery was founded by Ali Haider, President of the gallery and his brother Jawaid Haider, in 2003. Through the span of fourteen years the duo has strived to offer the finest art from the Pakistan, India and Bangladesh’s region. The gallery specializes and focuses on master painters whose groundbreaking practice has paved the way for the modern and contemporary discourse in South Asian art. The gallery prides in its collection which includes artworks by Pablo Picasso, Maqbool Fida Hussain, Ram Kumar, F. N. Souza, Sadequain, Shakir Ali, Ismail Gulgee, Jamil Naqsh, Zahoor-ul- Ikhlaq, Anwer Jalal Shemza and Bashir Mirza.

We express our gratitude and feel honored to have the patronage of well-known and prominent art collectors and organizations during this time period which have included foreign dignitaries, ambassadors and ministers from various countries. The New York branch of Eye For Art gallery was inaugurated in September 2014 and our team continues to mount shows by the modern and contemporary masters of Pakistan and South Asian Art in United States.

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